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The City Commission serves as the governing body of the City of Marine City. As a board, they set policies and rules by which the city is operated, including establishing city goals and target issues to be addressed in the city, within the parameters of the City Charter. The City Commission consists of six elected officials and the Mayor. It has the authority to exercise all powers conferred upon a city by the City Charter, or by statute. They are responsible for the hiring and supervision of the City Manager, and work directly with the City Manager to conduct the business of the city.City Commissioners serve four-year terms which are staggered to prevent the replacement of no more than three members in any given election cycle. Elections are held in even numbered years. The City Commission can only act as a single body. No single Commissioner has the authority to make orders or directives individually.The Mayor is elected to a two-year term and is the executive head of the city, as required by statute, and for all ceremonial purposes. For voting purposes, the Mayor is considered a Commissioner and has no veto power. Other roles include working with the City Manager to set Commission meeting agendas, serving as the presiding officer at City Commission meetings, serving as the ceremonial head of the government, acting as the official head of the city for civil purposes, and is responsible for the execution of the city’s legal documents.Regular City Commission meetings are held twice a month at 7:00pm on the first and third Thursdays of each month. The meetings are held at the Marine City Fire Hall and are open to the public. The Commission may also hold additional meetings for workshops or for special meetings on specific issues.It is the goal of the Marine City Commission to provide quality city services to the citizens of our city; to maintain financial stability and economic vitality within our city; and to enhance community and neighborhood vitality.






Mayor Dave Vandenbossche

Mayor Dave Vandenbossche

I am a lifelong resident of the area, living within the city limits for almost 20 years, a graduate of Marine City High School and the Walsh School of Business.  I am married to my wife Jennifer and we have a son Daniel.

I am the founder and co-owner of Maple Landscaping in Marine City, co-owner of the family farm in China Township, and Assistant Fire Chief of the Marine City Area Fire Authority.  I am also a member of the Marine City Lions Club, the St. Clair Hunt and Fish Club, and have assisted several non-profit organizations in the area.


Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Hendrick



Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Hendrick

I grew up on a Farm in Ira Township and went to Algonac High School. I have lived in this area my whole life. I started my career at GM and work at the Tech Center in Warren. I am a Senior Specifications Analyst in engineering and have been working for GM for 35 years. I have been married to my husband, Tim Hendrick, who is from Marine City, for over 30 years. We live in the first house we purchased here in 1985. We restored a 1974 AMC Gremlin together. I started going to Commission meetings in 1995. My mom Rita Roehrig was also on the Commission and we attended the meetings together for years. I began taping city meetings for free to put them on the local cable channel for the public. I also started the School board meetings on cable. Walter (Wally) Reichle, former Marine City Police Officer, upon his separation with the city was instrumental in the recall of a majority of the City Commission members. This is what compelled me to run for office, and I was then elected to fill one of the vacancies. I was then re-elected to my current term. I am also a member of the Marine City Area Fire Authority Board, the Old Newsboys/girls, and Marine City Lions. I will continue to fight wasteful spending and be a voice for the people in our community.

Commissioner Jacob Bryson



Commissioner Jacob Bryson

I grew up on Harsens Island and attended Algonac High School. I went on to graduate from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I also have received my Masters in Business Administration from Old Dominion University and am currently enrolled in Michigan Tech’s Masters of Civil Engineering program. After graduating college, I moved to Virginia where I worked for the Naval Surface Warfare Center as a Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager for nine years. In 2013, I took a position as Vice President of Champion’s Auto Ferry and moved to the Marine City area.

Prior to being elected to the City Commission, I served on Marine City’s Planning Commission and Infrastructure Committee. Outside of work and government service, I enjoy scuba diving, hunting, rebuilding classic cars, and enjoying time with my wife and two daughters.

Commissioner Wendy Kellehan

Commissioner Wendy Kellehan

In 1967, my parents decided they wanted to get out of the metro Detroit area and move out to this place we called the country. They bought 35 acres of wooded property out on McKinley Road and built a home. As a 7 year-old tomboy, I was in heaven.  I played in the woods, played ball in the barnyards and fields using dried out cow pies as bases, fell in ditches filled with water, road pedal and dirt bikes through fields without any fear, and was baling hay and driving a tractor by the time I was 9. I attended East China Elementary, Marine City Junior High and Marine City High School.  I was very involved and played volleyball, softball and basketball and was even a member of the MC 1976 Girls Basketball team that won the State Championship. I graduated from MCHS in 1977 and I went on to attend Western Michigan University to get my degree in education. I moved from Kalamazoo to California to start my career, but came back to Michigan years later. After moving back to Michigan, I earned my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and continued my career in public education as a teacher and administrator for Clarenceville Schools in Livonia. I recently retired from my position as the Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services for Clarenceville Schools.  This retirement gives me the time I need to help run our business and be a productive member of our community and give back to the area.  When I left Marine City 42 years ago, I never thought for a second I would live back in Marine City. What brought me back was an opportunity to start a business and be a part of a growing and vibrant town. By serving as a City Commissioner, I can give back to the town and community that helped mold me and has given me every opportunity to succeed in my personal and professional life.

Commissioner William Klaassen

Commissioner William Klaassen

Bill to my family and friends, I am married with 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren. Graduated from Allen Park High School and served in the Naval Air. I attended South Macomb Community College for a Tool & Die apprenticeship, and worked in that industry for 10 years. From there I went into the construction field, working in electrical, plumbing, commercial and residential building, eventually forming my own company. I became involved with the construction of the Kmart/Riverside Plaza which afforded me the opportunity to get to know this area and appreciate its potential.

I have been a resident of Marine City for over 30 years. The City of Marine City hired me as Building Inspector in 1986 and I remained with them until my retirement. I am currently employed by several municipalities as Building Inspector, Code Official, Plan Review and Zoning Administrator with 30 years of experience in my field. I have been a member of the Maritime Days Committee and am an active member and past President of the Marine City Rotary. I look forward to serving my community as a City Commissioner.

Commissioner Paul Merchant

Commissioner Paul Merchant 

I grew up in Port Huron and graduated from Port Huron Northern High School. I then went on to further my education at Wayne State University, graduating with a degree in Mortuary Science. I have worked in the funeral profession since the age of 16 and currently own the Bower-Rose Funeral Home in Marine City and the Kammeraad-Merchant Funeral home in Memphis, Michigan. I moved with my wife and three children to Marine City in 2013. I currently sit on the Marine City Rotary Board and the Marine City Area Chamber of Commerce. I find Marine City a wonderful community, nestled next to the St. Clair River, with great heritage, wonderful people and a prosperous future. I am excited to serve this community as a City Commissioner and to be a part of all that Marine City has to offer.


Commissioner Cheryl Vercammen



Commissioner Cheryl Vercammen

I moved to Marine City in 2003 after living in Harrison Township for many years. I am a proud graduate of the Class of 1976 from Algonac High School then went on to earn a college degree in Law Enforcement and have earned many certificates in many different fields. I used to teach fitness classes, was a personal trainer, taught Drivers Education both in the classroom and on the road, taught Elementary students about safety and health with a puppet named “Nurse Rosy”, worked with the State of MI teaching students about the Great Lakes as we cruised on a large boat in the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair, and much, much more. As you can see, I believe in change, diversity and learning. We are never too old to learn and grow. I bought The Little Bar with no restaurant experience – I took a chance and a risk and it has all worked out well. In addition, I taught my children the importance of service. My son Wyatt is a Paramedic with TriHospital EMS and plans to continue his education and become a doctor. He also is signing on to the Army National Guard to serve and protect our country. My daughter Maddison has many elderly clients that she helps with daily activities and is also a certified Esthetician and plans to open her business here in Marine City. I also have four grandchildren that I adore.

I will try to carry that philosophy to my duties as City Commissioner. I love small-town living and being a integral part of my community. I love how our city is embracing change and growth. It is so nice to walk all around town, visiting the many businesses that are popping up all over town, strolling up and down all of our city streets, waving to residents sitting on their porches, and seeing children playing at our many parks and on our safe streets. That is why Marine City is so beautiful. I will work hard to keep it that way. I will work with all our different departments and commissions so we become a cohesive unit.  Marine City has so much to offer and we are lucky to call this our home.


City Commission Cancellation Notice for 3-19-2020

City Commission 3-19-2020 Agenda Packet


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