All businesses are required to obtain a business license to operate in the City of Marine City. Peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants are required to obtain a permit prior to commencing any businesses.

The Fee Schedule for Business, Peddler, Solicitor, and Transient Merchant Licenses, effective July 1, 2016, is as follows:

General Business Registration

$50 (Annually)
Late fee 25% (1-15 Days)
Late fee 50% (Greater 15 days)

Initial Business License

$25 (Per $1,000 of value of equipment & inventory prorated by number of months remaining in tax year)

Bed & Breakfast

$25 (Annually)
Late fee 25% (1-15 Days)
Late fee 50% (Greater 15 days)

Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants

$5 (Per day)
$20 (Per month)
$100 (Per six months)
$200 (Per year)
Late fee 25% (1-15 Days)
Late fee 50% (Greater 15 days)


Licensing Process:

Once a business license application is received by the City, it must then go to the City Commission for approval. Once approved, the Clerk’s Department will bill the business for the initial license fee and issue the license pending payment of the invoice.

Each fiscal year (June 30th – July 1st; with a license expiration date of June 30th), all businesses must complete a Business Registration form and pay the annual business registration fee based on their license type before a new business license will be issued.

Forms & Applications