Public Works Department

DPW Superintendent: Michael Itrich


The Department of Public Works has responsibility for the following:

Roads and Sewers

Street sweeping, street repairs, sign installation and replacement, drainage, and snow removal.

The DPW maintains all of the sanitary sewer mains within the City. During the year, the DPW cleans these sewer mains using high-pressure water, removing any buildup of foreign material with a vacuum truck. They also respond to sewer problems reported by residents and businesses within the City. If you suspect a problem, contact the DPW at 810-765-9711.The homeowner is responsible for any expenses for opening plugged lines or repairs from the residence to the City main.

The DPW maintains the entire storm sewer system within the City. This includes cleaning structures and lines and keeping the drains free from debris, as well as repairing or rebuilding structures when necessary.

Illicit Connections into the City sewer systems should be repaired and diverted to a proper location. In 2013, the City adopted an Ordinance (Chapter 53: Illicit Discharge Elimination) prohibiting illicit connections into the City sanitary and/or storm system. For information on illicit connections and the proper procedures for diverting storm water from sump pumps, roof downspouts, etc., please read the notice below:

Public Notice: Illicit Discharge Information
FAQs about Illicit Discharge Connections

Water Mains

The DPW maintains all of the water mains within the City including repair of leaks and breaks, hydrant flushing, repair and winterization, valve repair, and any other issues pertaining to the City’s water system.

City Water Main Age & Data Sheet



Property Owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in front of their property, with the exception that the City will provide the ADA ramps.

Curb Cut Permit Application

Sidewalk Replacement Incentive Program:

The City is offering an Incentive Program in which the City will pay 1/3 of the costs of cement as an incentive to residents to replace their sidewalks. To receive this incentive, a receipt detailing the costs of cement must be submitted to the City. In order to be eligible for the incentive program, one of the following criteria must be met:

  • Homeowner performs the sidewalk replacement
  • Homeowner hires a contractor to perform the sidewalk replacement

A Reimbursement Form will need to be completed and submitted to the City Offices along with a detailed receipt of the cement costs. This form is below:

Sidewalk Inspection Program – Reimbursement Form

NOTE: A Sidewalk Inspection Program Permit Application must be completed and submitted to the City prior to any work being started. This form is below:

Sidewalk Inspection Program Permit Application


Sidewalk Inspection Program:

For information on the Sidewalk Inspection Program, please see the links below:

Sidewalk Inspection Program

Sidewalk Inspection Program Brochure

Sidewalk Inspection Program Zone Map


Trees and Parks

DPW maintains trees located on public property. This includes storm damage, trimming, planting and maintenance. The department is also responsible for all maintenance of City park spaces.

DPW will not maintain trees located on private property.
Questions or concerns? Contact the DPW at 810-765-9711


Woodlawn Cemetery

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the opening and closing of graves within the Woodlawn Cemetery. The DPW provides mowing and light maintenance and cares for the grounds so visitors to the cemetery have a pleasant environment in which to visit loved ones.

Questions regarding interment may be directed to the Deputy Clerk.


Watershed Information

Marine City is a member and partner of both the Northeastern Watershed Advisory Group and the Belle River Watershed. The purpose of the watershed groups is to improve and protect water quality as well as enhance the recreational uses of the waterways. To learn more about watersheds and what you can do to protect the St. Clair River and the Belle River please click on the links below.

Definition of watershed

St. Clair County Watershed planning

Northeastern Watersheds Management Plan

Belle River Watershed

For more information on the St. Clair County Stormwater plan, Public Participation Plan (PPP), Public Education Plan (PEP), Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP), and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)… St. Clair County Stormwater Information

St. Clair County Drain Commissioner Rules:

2018 Drain Commissioner Rules (revised 2018)