Marine City Master Plan & Parks and Recreation Plan

Marine City is currently working with the St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission to revise the Master Plan and Parks & Recreation Plan.

Notice is hereby given to any and all parties that the 2018-2022 Marine City Master Plan & Parks and Recreation Plan will available for public review and comment for 63 days beginning October 27, 2017 at the City Offices Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The City Offices are located at 303 S. Water Street. A copy of the plan is also available on the Marine City website. All interested parties may submit comments in person or in writing to Elaine Leven, City Manager, 303 S. Water Street, Marine City, MI 48039. For more information, please read the public notice below:

Public Notice – Master Plan & Parks and Recreation Plan

To view the draft Master Plan chapters, please click on each chapter title (it will open up in a new window):


00 Marine City Master Plan Cover
00 Table of Contents
01 Introduction
02 Community Profile
03 Vision Goals Objectives
04 Future Land Use
05 Zoning Plan
06 Transportation
07 Parks and Recreation Plan
08 Implementation